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MO components are used in industries where microwave heating is used.

Our MO components use raw materials of 99.95% purity or higher
Mo components are increasingly widely used, from microwaves to military radars, as the industrial use of microwave heating is increasingly applied.

Advantages of ltmetal Metals' Mo

  • 01Using over than 99.95% purity material, which gives more qualified product
  • 02Using the Mo powder with average particle sized less than 3цm and assembling under vacuum SPRAY DRY M/C, which result in uniform structure and little pore
  • 03Successive high temperature cementing to make rare pore for fine structure and high hardness
  • 04High-temperature annealing to give an oxidation resistance for long time storage
  • 05HAIR CRACK guarantee for inside of wire by Eddy current test
  • 06Welding strength guarantee by automatic check of the welding condition during processing
  • 07Quality assurance system according to ISO9001, best satisfaction of customer


Use of Upper End Shields
Processing of Upper End Shields


The theory of Microwaves
Microwave oven was developed in US at 1946. There was phenomenon it became warm when hands approached to the wave during experiment of radar, and this is the initial idea of Microwave oven. While oven bakes the food by elevating inner temperature, Microwave oven does it by using moisture contained in food.
The theory of MGT Microwaves
Water molecule, structuring the most part of food, has polarity. Accordingly, the side of hydrogen ion shows relatively positive charge and the side of oxygen ion negative, respecti- vely. If molecule has polarity like this, the one side can bind to the opposite charged part of the other molecule. In this time, when microwave is transmitted to this bound molecules, the electrical vector of microwave is vibrated to make bound molecules rotate. In here, if the rotation is inhibited by other molecule, this bond will be broken. Microwave energy is entered into the molecule in this moment.
After a wile, energy is emitted by re-binding molecules, and this energy make cook the food as an internal energy
Microwave is transmitted to food in various directions. This can be shown in the structure of Microwave oven. Microwave is reflected in vari- ous direction by the rotational plate of Microwave oven.
In general, it is said the principle of microwave oven is that the resonance is occurred from the same oscillation frequency of microwave and water molecule. However, the oscillation frequency of microwave is 2.45GHz, and significantly different from that of water, 9GHz in T =0℃. Then, if we adopt the microwave with the same resonance frequency of water molecule, it make faster absorption of energy, but why we do not use it? The solution for this may be explained with electromagnetic. The frequency of microwave is related to the penetration depth of it. Penetration depth means the depth that microwave can penetrate through the surface of food. The more frequency the lesser penetration depth rapidly. Therefore if the frequency of microwave is raised up to the frequency of water, it may cook faster but we cannot eat the surface of it.
Most of current commercial microwave ovens are manufacture by attaching the heat transfer equipment of oven or grill to microwave heating device. Microwave oven composed of heating source which emitting microwave, power source, control panel, cooling fan, and case. And it is also equipped the turn table for rotating foods for uniform distribution of microwave. Heating source is composed of special electrode vacuum tube of Magnetron. This is a device to generate the ultra high frequency (UHF), which concentrates on food through output antenna. Strong frequency emitted from microwave oven is harmful to human body, so it must not be leaked. For this reason, it is manufactured with safety device not for opening door during operation and also with metallic case.