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Precious Metals Recovery

Precious metals recovered and refined from scraps in the electronic, electric, petrochemical industries are recycled.

Recycling of precious metals based on excellent analysis, recovery and refinement technologies.
We offer a Total Solution for the recovery and refinement of precious metals so that they can be recycled. A highly reliable analysis, high percentage of recovery and high quality refinement technologies are applied to the scraps from waste catalyst in petrochemicals, fuel cells and electronic components from OLED or mobile phones. Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, and Ru are recovered, refined and recycled.

Recovery and refinement business model

Items processed for precious metal recycling

Catalysts used in petrochemical or precise chemical industries, solar batteries, fuel cells, scraps containing precious metals resulting from electronic, electric or display industries.


Recovery process for the recycling of precious metals

Current analysis device

To provide the highest quality services to our customers, we have the most advanced ICP, SEM and XRF equipment.

Licenses for recovery and processing

Waste materials for which license has been acquired Recovered metals
EG catalyst waste Ag
Waste lead(non-lead) Sn
Waste electronic components Au
Waste synthetic polymers Au
Metal scraps Cu
Indium oxide In
Waste paint Ag
Waste adsorbent Ag
Waste absorbent Au
Sewage to be re-used Au
Air emission